This_Means_WarThis movie had slipped through my LoveFilm net and I only heard about it when it was premiered on television, which I then missed, so ordered it from LoveFilm…………thankfully.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine are CIA operatives, and best friends since childhood.

The bond between lifelong mates can of course only be broken by one thing……………… a girl.

Reese Witherspoon is the unsuspecting singleton who by chance starts to date both of them, and as the boys both start to fall for her, they begin to compete in a hilarious way by utilising the CIA resources to monitor the others dates, and with the use of military training and gadgets manage to cause mayhem in the process.

I’ve seen a girl comes between friends before and it normally ends in disaster, however this adaption portrays the lengths men will go too, to protect their male pride and win the girl………but this time the consequences are very funny.

With a good mix of action, romance and comedy, this film could be a chick flick, guy film, or first date film so I would say a safe bet if you are planning any night in.

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