By Boltvault Chief Football Correspondent, Wilf Kettle.

The Football Association has announced new rules to enable football clubs to sack managers before they hire them. In an audacious bid to stem the tide of managers being hoisted out of position in some cases after a single game, the decision makers at Lancaster Gate have agreed that with immediate effect, clubs can sack managers before they hire them thus avoiding hefty compensation claims and turbulence at the clubs in question.

Image of Sam Allardyce

Managers Like Sam Allardyce could be sacked before they are hired

Speaking at a launch event at the National Football Centre in St George’s Park this morning, FA spokesman Gerald Pipecleaner told waiting journalists the decision was “best all round” and “a positive step for the future of the game.”

“Every season we see a string of managers sacked by clubs for poor results, often after only a short spell in charge. These new rules will allow clubs to sack their managers before they are even hired meaning less turnaround, less money leaving the clubs and a greater stability all round.”

League Manager’s Association Chief Executive Richard Bevan welcomed the announcement saying “This is the news we’ve all been waiting for. Instead of managers such as Sam Allardyce or Mick McCarthy being surrounded by constant speculation over their jobs, they’ll be able to enjoy a future where they won’t have to suffer the indignity of enduring abuse from the terraces – they’ll have been sacked before they have to run the gauntlet of facing the fans. It’s a fantastic move for football and one that we at the LMA fully endorse.”

Fans’ groups have also welcomed the news with one set of supporters labelling the plans as “the greatest step forward since vanishing spray.” Bob Workshyscrote of the Liverpool supporters club known as the Nickthesugaroutofyourteas Lads said “Erm, it’s, you know, fantastic like. It took us ages to hound out Roy Hodgson a few years back like but now we’re in the situation where we can, you, know, sack people now beofe they even get to the club. Its early days but we’re in discussions with the club to see if we can ensure managers such as Steve Bruce, Paul Lambert and Ian Dowie are sacked before they get to manage Liverpool Football Club. Its sound, it really is.”

Although the FA are the only footballing body as yet to implement the ruling, our sources believe other countries are monitoring the situation in a bid to ensure clubs are in prime position to dismiss potential candidates before they are hired. In Spain for example, it’s believed that Real Madrid are already believed to be lobbying for adoption of the rules after they received an application from Neil Warnock requesting consideration for a post there should they ever need him.

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