Ravens_CabinI am learning to become more critical of films, and this one certainly allows me to provide and honest opinion.

Based in the deep outback of Australia, and small group of ex-military have created a mini correctional facility that aims to extract naughty adolescent teenagers from their modern day lives by order of their parents to inflict strict discipline by way of behavior modification.

A prison by many standards, but the rules are strict and if broken, the consequences affect both you and your group members.

As the incarcerated learn to control their attitudes and reluctantly accept a new found respect for authority, the story turns to a darker side and does have some jumpy scenes and chilling visions to pop.

I won’t give away the story too much, and you may find this a thought provoking idea, but what ruined it for me was the poor acting by the not so scary soldiers in charge…..and possibly some even fake Australian accents which just stand out like a sore thumb.


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