Paranoia(2013)Liam Hemsworth takes the lead in this technology driven thriller about a young and enthusiastic inventor who becomes frustrated that his talent has not been spotted by a global brand, but finds himself soon in the middle of two rival kingpins of huge technology companies.

Hemsworth (brother of Thor, Chris Hemsworth) becomes a reluctant spy embroiled in a conspiracy that has him looking over his shoulder with every move he makes.

The writers cleverly slip a love story in too, when Hemsworth slowly falls for the gorgeous yet innocent sidekick (Amber Heard) of one of the kingpins who is oblivious to her lover’s secret mission going on behind her back.

Two of my favourite actors Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman who are known to be nice blokes in real life, have already earned the worlds respect and impersonate a believable character such as a mean global CEO well, however Oldman’s accent is somewhat muddled having been and Englishmen who has spent many years in America, and now has to put on an English accent….and fails.

The humour I found in replicating the South African/Welsh/English/Scottish/American accent did distract me from the film for a short time.

Paranoia is a “good” film, and has a nice blend of drama, action and suspense to keep anyone engrossed.

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