By our man covered in ectoplasm, Snooper van Minge

New images have been released of the ghostly figure recently spotted by a film crew inside the former home of Michael Jackson. CNN footage showed a mysterious shadow, believed by some to be the King of Pop, as they filmed inside the Neverland Ranch over the weekend. The release of this new image is regarded by some as conclusive proof that Jacko is still walking the corridors of his former home.

The mysterious apparition

The mysterious apparition

The ghost was captured by long-time Jackson fan and professional ‘Ghostbuster’, Dr. Ray Stantz. Stantz it seems was invited to investigate claims of a haunting at the ranch at the request of the Jackson family. Along with his fellow Ghostbusters, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddmore and armed with state of the art proton packs, the Ghostbusters scoured the building in search of evidence of paranormal activity – and they were not to be disappointed.

“We found a lot of ectoplasmic residue, mainly in Michael’s former bedroom where he entertained young boys, although it seems this had been there for some time and had mostly dried up” explained Ghostbusters spokesman Dr. Venkman. “However, as we made our way through the property we were confronted with the spine-chilling image captured by Ray. I haven’t seen anything quite like this since we took on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man back in ‘84” he said.

Venkman "spine-chilling"

Venkman “spine-chilling”

It’s not clear as yet what the next steps will be in terms of removing the spectre from the property, if indeed it is removed at all. It seems there is some division within the Jackson family as to whether or not the ghost should be removed with Michael’s father Joe Jackson convinced it should remain so he can crudely cash in some more on the death of his son. In addition to this, there are concerns as to whether the ‘ghost’ is genuine or not so the family lawyers are believed to be considering the help of a group of young fans, renowned for their experience in this field.

The group who travel from place to place in their van, ‘The Mystery Machine’ and who use their trusty dog ‘Scooby’ to help them solve mysteries are rumoured to be on their way to the ranch and it appears they have an exemplary track record in solving strange occurrences such as this. In a statement from his federal penitentiary cell, Old Man Jefferson who attempted to swindle Mrs. Perkins out of her rightful ownership of  the ‘Haunted’ Sawmill said “I would have got away with it too if hadn’t have been for those pesky kids.”

Whatever the outcome, frankly it comes as no surprise to this reporter that once again the rooms and corridors of Neverland are being walked by a strange and mysterious creature who scares the shit out of small children.

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