Troy - the man, the legend.

Troy – the man, the legend.

Hi guys, Troy the Seventies Porn star here. Welcome to the next installment of Who’s the Daddy?  I will now inform you of the next act for you to try to see which one of you and your mates can be crowned as good as Troy the Seventies porn king, oh yeah!

Chucking your muck

Gone are the days when it is considered great if your missus swallows your spunk. No, that should be classed as a given because if she doesn’t, well let’s face it, she should have been fired out the door a long, long time ago. But for those of you who are out on the pull and always seem to end up with that tight cow that refuses to swallow, this one’s for you!

My latest trick is the Muck Chuck. I shall explain.  What you need to do is this. Get the bird to suck you off; a real good peel and polish / golf ball through a hose-type performance.  While she is doing this, you must play with her, get her horny and talk dirty to her until she’s dripping like a fucked fridge.

The longer she noshes you off the easier and dirtier you will get so try not to peak too soon and waste all that precious baby gravy. You will have already had the “Tell me when you are going to cum” chat, which under normal circumstances should be agreed to but completely ignored, obviously.

Anyway, when you are nearly there, you need to say “Fucking hell this is quality. Ohh yeah, I really want to cum in your face”. Now timing is important at this stage. Too early and you will get “Don’t u fucking dare” – too late and you wont have enough time to catch and throw.

So, when you are on your vinegar stroke, say those immortal words “Ohh yeah baby, this one’s for you” then take matters into your own hands. Finish yourself off with the last few strokes, remembering to put your hand over the end of your knob in order to catch all your spunk.  Once you have caught it all, in one smooth motion chuck your muck in her face, lay back and watch it dribble from her chin!!! Pure Genius!

Chucking your muck gentleman, I thank you.

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