By our man in Westminster, John Bollocks.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today announced how the Tories plan to tackle the mounting issue of unmarried mothers. In a radical new initiative, Mr. Hunt has called for the introduction of anal sex as an alternative method of contraception in an attempt to reduce pregnancy rates among women aged between 16 and 23, of which the UK has some of the highest rates in Europe.

In a document known as the Brown Paper, Mr. Hunt calls for all women over the age of 16 to be encouraged to take part in ‘bum tricks’ as an alternative to ‘straight sex’ in an attempt to reduce pregnancy. “This is absolutely essential if we want to reduce the drain on society by single parents bleeding the state dry and making a mockery of us by appearing on Jeremy Kyle and The Wright Stuff” he told the House of Commons.


Hunt: "Up the bum no babies."

Hunt: “Up the bum no babies.”

He continued “This country now has the dubious reputation of producing a whole generation of shell-suit-wearing, soap-watching morons whose soul aim in life is to get knocked up by the age of 16 – younger than that in places such as Liverpool and Leeds. These people see pregnancy as a method of securing a council house, Sky TV and state handouts. It simply has to stop and it appears that realistically, dirt boxing is the only possible solution to this growing problem.”

Despite Mr. Hunt’s view that practising anal sex would save the country money by eradicating the need to pay out maternity and housing benefits, members of the medical community argue that a rise in marmite motorway madness will increase fiscal dependency on the health service.

Dr. Marmaduke Percy, Chief of Surgery at Guys Hospital London, claimed the plans would pave the way for an upsurge in rectal surgery. “Plans such as this will simply replace unmarried pregnancy with a generation of young women who have back passages like wind socks” said Dr. Percy. “There is also the potential for scores of young men to injure themselves by ripping their banjo strings should they fail to use the requisite levels of lubricant, all of which will cost the NHS billions” he continued.

Welfare groups also dismissed the plans describing them as “abhorrent” and “out of touch with the reality of the situation”. Giving her reaction to the proposals, Ivana Tinkle of the charity Women’s Organisation for Mothers & Babies (WOMB) said “The fact is that most young women, especially those in poorer areas such as Northern Britain are already indulging in this practice on a regular basis. Unfortunately, for many it’s seen as a rite of passage if you’ll pardon the pun.”

Pregnant sluts

Some pregnant chavs today

And on the streets of Britain it also seems the initiatives are doomed to fail given the views of the very people they are designed to target. We spoke to 17 year-old ‘Tracy’ from Doncaster who told us “Don’t bother me any road. If they don’t give us benefits we’ll just go into family business on us backs. And we can charge more for taking it up the chutney locker. Fancy a spin?” At this point our reporter made his excuses and left.

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