When you go for a shite, there are three vital ingredients you need.

  1. A bog,
  2. Suitable reading material and
  3. A reliable toilet tissue

That’s where new Boltvault Bog Roll comes in. No matter what your crack size and no matter what the consistency of your shite, Boltvault Bog Roll is the bog roll for you!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the stars have to say about Boltvault Bog Roll

‘I always choose Boltvault Bog Roll when I take a dump, especially after a curry when I generally drop a right pea-souper in the pan.’ – Veteran comedy actress, June Whitfield

Veteran comedy actress, June Whitfield

Whitfield – ‘pea-souper’

‘When we were together, Dawn & I never used anything else. I’m over six foot tall and as you can imagine, produce some lengthy logs. And Dawn, just think of the size of shite she could turn out! But Boltvault Bog Roll never misses a spot. Both our arses are always shit free thanks to Boltvault Bog Roll.’ – Comedian Lenny Henry.

Lenny - 'lengthy logs'

Lenny – ‘lengthy logs’

‘I always use Boltvault Bog Rollahead of a shoot. There’s nothing worse than seeing an arse rolo or butterfly pattern on a models ringpiece if you ask me.’ – Glamour Model Linsey Dawn Mackenzie.

Linsey - 'arse rolo'

Linsey – ‘arse rolo’

I like to keep the hair on my arse as trimmed and as perfect as the soup strainer on my top lip. To do this I need a toilet tissue that really hits the spot. For me theres only one choice Boltvault Bog Roll. The housewives love it. – former TV anchorman and Love God, Des Lynham

Lynam - 'soup strainer'

Lynam – ‘soup strainer’

So, rub away those wiping worries and use NEW Bolvault Bog Roll on your arse crack today!


Boltvault Bog Roll

Boltvault Bog Roll – “You’ll never have a cleaner arse!”


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