111Welcome to our West Yorkshire babe, Vikki! One of our questions is “what’s the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?” Vikki’s reply was “beside the motorway” and we really want to hear about this, was she broken down?

Vikki’s ideal night out is a good meal and some RnB, and she likes to keep fit (as we can see).

Name: Vikki-Gabrielle Holt

Location: West Yorkshire

Measurements: bust 32b -waist 24 – hips 36

Height: 5’6

Eye Colour: brown

Hair Colour/Length: black / shoulder length

Shoe size: 6

Dress Size: 8

Experience (work that is!)
What type of modeling have you done so far?
Fashion/lingerie/glamour/adult, most types and video too.

What was your favourite assignment? A bridal shoot for a major wedding fair and an Indian-themed glamour shoot – brought out my ethnic side!

What would be your ‘dream’ assignment? A big FHM type shoot, & front cover!!

Have you ever done top shelf work? If not, is this something you would consider in the future? Yes I have but would only ever do solo levels and never g/g or b/g work.

About You
Name a few things that you like?
Shopping, music, socialising.

What things do you dislike? Racism, hate, people being sad!!

What are your hobbies? Socialising, keep fit, film/cinema.

Favourite Drink? Vodka & Red Bull or orange Ribena.

Sex or chocolate? Sex!

Favourite position? Doggy.

Strangest place you’ve ever had sex? Beside the motorway!

What is your ideal night out? A tasty meal, followed by a good night out preferably with a good urban DJ playing my fave RnB music.

Favourite Football Team? Man U!

Motto: ”Don’t limit yourself to the expectations of others who have never been where you wanna go.”

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