nikkileeMeet naughty Essex girl & Boltvault Babe Nikki Lee. Nikki Lee has done various types of modelling including topless, glamour mags, papers and car shows but says her dream assignment would be a photo shoot with Jordan and all the Boltvault lads watching! Her ideal night out would be a Limo followed by London nightlife and Nikki is another Boltvault Babe who supports West Ham United. Nikki’s stats are 30E-24-33.


Name: Nikki Lee

Location: Essex

Measurements: 30E-24-33

Height: 5ft 7

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour/Length: Natural blonde & long

Shoe size: 5

Dress Size: 8/10

Experience (work that is!)
What type of modelling have you done so far? Lads mags, TV, music videos, films, car shows, grid girl, etc

What was your favourite assignment? Fast Car magazine features

What would be your ‘dream’ assignment? More magazines

Have you ever done top shelf work? If not, is this something you would consider in the future? Nope and nope.

About You
Name a few things that you like?
Money, cars, shopping, family, friends, make-up sunbeds

What things do you dislike? Animal cruelty

What are your hobbies? Shopping & watching West Ham

Favourite Drink? Purdies

Sex or chocolate? Put ’em 2gever 😉

Favourite position? On top

Strangest place you’ve ever had sex? In a car park

What is your ideal night out? Meal drinks & girls

Favourite Football Team? West Ham

Motto: Live each day as if it was your last x

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