Boltvault Babe MichelleLet us introduce you to our newest Boltvault Babe – Michelle!! This Hertfordshire beauty likes McDonalds for her ideal night out, which surprises us as her stats 26-32-34 say otherwise! Michelle has done promotion work for Time Attack, BSB, USC and many professional shoots. Michelle’s football team is Arsenal and she plays the drums. We’ll try and get a video of that for you!


Name: Michelle Westby

Location: Hertfordshire

Measurements: 26, 32, 34

Height: 5ft 7

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour/Length: Blonde long

Shoe size: 5

Dress Size: 8

Experience (work that is!) Promo for Time Attack, BSB, USC, professional shoots

What type of modelling have you done so far? Promotional, fashion and glamour

What was your favourite assignment? Shoot and motor sports events

What would be your ‘dream’ assignment? Front page of motor sports mags

Have you ever done top shelf work? If not, is this something you would consider in the future? No and no

Name a few things that you like? Theme parks, cars, bikes

What things do you dislike? Spiders, cold weather

What are your hobbies? Modeling, play the drums, drinking 🙂

Favourite Drink? Rose wine, hehe

Sex or chocolate? Ummmmmm argh if a kinder egg then chocolate!

Favourite position? Secret

Strangest place you’ve ever had sex? Work :/

What is your ideal night out? McDonalds, wine, clubs

Favourite Football Team? Arsenal

Motto: Live each day as its your last

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