DanielleBoltvault would like to introduce you to Boltvault Babe Danielle, our Yorkshire based beauty! Danielle’s dream assignment is for her own shoot in some of the top lads magazine’s and if you see her pictures you’ll agree that’s sure to happen sooner or later! Danielle’s stats are 34-27-31 and her experience includes everything from Fashion to Hard Girl Girl, her motto: Better than your ex and better than your next!



Danielle Victoria


Bust 34in , Waist 27in, Hips 31in


Eye Colour:

Hair Colour/Length:
Black, Long

Shoe size:
UK 7

Dress Size:
UK 8

Experience (work that is!)
What type of modeling have you done so far?
Done everything from Fashion to Hard Girl Girl.

What was your favourite assignment?
My fave assignment has been working for justlooking.com , but my fave assignment that I have coming up is Working with TV X

What would be your ‘dream’ assignment?
To work with top lads mags such as FHM, Nuts, Loaded, and ZOO!

Have you ever done top shelf work If not, is this something you would
consider in the future?

I work up to hard gg, so that is something I would do but not hard bg.

About You
Name a few things that you like?
Football, partying! Shopping, pole dancing, boxing, soaps!! Hockey, long hot showers!

What things do you dislike?
Racism, people who slag others off, boring people!

What are your hobbies?
Pole dancing, shopping, hockey, sex!

Favourite Drink?
Either coca cola, or alcoholic either wine, Or lager. . .or vodka! Hard one!

Sex or chocolate?

Favourite position?

Strangest place you’ve ever had sex?
Haha, On Cleethorpes pier, in the daylight!! 😉

What is your ideal night out?
A wild, crazy party in a top night club, obviously in the VIP Area with loads of free champagne with my girls!

Favourite Football Team?

Better than your ex and better than your next!

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