First off, we need to get some of the terms and conditions done. So please read below and carry on to the sign up page!

1), We reserve the right to reject any application without any notice or reason, though we will try to notify you and where feasible try to resolve the issues.

2), This currently is a free directory, you will pay NO FEE to be listed, therefore all additions, edits and deletions are at our sole discretion, we will however within reason try to inform you as needed.

3), If you have a website and would like a link from our links page to it then just place our banner on your site and link it to: then e-mail us with the address you want us to link to and the location of our banner and we will return the link. Otherwise include it on your application to be linked from your profile.

4), We will not link to Agencies, Companies, etc sites hosted on: AOL – GEOCITIES – YAHOO – TRIPOD – ANGELFIRE – HOMESTEAD – WEBSPAWNER – NTL – LYCOS – 50MEGS – FREESERVE – WANADOO – BLUEYONDER – NETFIRMS – HEART INTERNET – BTCONNECT – BTOPOENWORLD or ANY other FREE HOST as this poses a real risk to models safety!

PERSONAL Model Sites are OK on the above hosts!

5), We will NOT link to ANY site that features models under the age of 18 or contains illegal or legally dubious websites.

6), We do not respond to fake, false or misleading profiles.

7), If you are selected to be model of the month, please note that these profiles are not removable for any other reason than by legal requirement, this is because they form an integral part of the site, and are chronological to its progress, so if this maybe problem please decline the offer of being our featured model.

Thats about it, now go to our SIGN UP form!